#Youshape Week 2

With #Youshape month well underway, groups throughout the district have been taking part in activates all promoting #Youshape scouting, as well as gathering fantastic program ideas from Young People for leaders to add into their program for the coming year. In Blackburn both Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Explorers have been involved in #Youshape nights and making full use of initiatives like Wear the Necker and the #Youshape pledge.

These past two weeks have seen brilliant examples of Youth Led Scouting, and young people taking part in wear the Necker project, and gaining the insight into what it is like to be a leader within a section meeting night.

Beavers and cubs from various colonies also took part in wear the Necker project were they spoke to their leaders and then drew themselves as a leader, then planned a beaver/cub night that they would run.

Groups within Blackburn districts are focusing a range of Youshape ideas, with many young people throughout all the sections achieving the #Youshape Silver Pledge Certificate.

It has been great seeing groups embracing the true spirit of#Youshape and we are not at the end yet! I can’t wait to see other ideas from groups throughout Blackburn District and The County, and to see #Youshape at its best.

Author: Jack Murray

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