District Archery and Shooting competition results

Results from yesterday Archery individual:

1st place Halona Reid 145 points St George’s

2nd place Cavan Brindle 97 points St Francis

3rd place Max Tomlinson 82 points St Francis

Team comp:

1st place St Francis 722 points

2nd Leamington Road 460 points

3rd St George’s 300 points

Shooting individual:

1st place Daniel Lord St Francis 67 points

2nd place Halona Reid 66 points St George’s

3rd place Lewis Jackson 64 points Immaneul

Team Comp:

1st place St Francis team average 23

2nd place AHF team average 12.9 and

3rd place Immanuel team average 11.66

A special thanks to the 2 young leaders Quinn Towler Hodgeson & Hannah Wickes for there help on the day Bill Gee will visit the groups with medals after Easter


Author: Ian Fletcher

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