Lawrence Ashworth attends Queens Garden Party in recognition of Scouting

The Day I attended a Royal Garden Party

By Lawrence Ashworth

On Thursday 1st June 2017 I attended a royal garden party at
Buckingham Palace. I could invite one guest to join me so I asked my
nephew Warren to accompany me. We entered the main gate at
three o’clock, crossing the forecourt we came into the inner
courtyard, crossing the courtyard we climbed steps into the entrance
hall and through the next room and out on to the terrace, down the
steps and into the garden. We then had sandwiches, cake and tea
in the tea tent.

At 4pm the royal party lead by the Queen arrived on the terrace and
the National Anthem was played. Then all the guests formed into two
lines and the royal party walked between the lanes which were marked
out by the Yeomen of the Guard. It took about an hour for the Queen
to reach the royal tea tent where she had tea. At 6pm. The Queen
returned to the palace. The weather was a very warm and sunny day.
For each garden party at Buckingham Palace 10,000 guests are
invited. They drink about 27,000 cups of tea and eat 20,000
sandwiches and 20,000 cakes. The buffet table is four hundred feet
long and the garden covers 40 acres.

After the Queen left Warren and I walked round the garden before
leaving by the same route we entered.  As we left the entrance
hall about sixty staff lined the entrance hall as guests passed
into the courtyard. A lovely day was enjoyed by both of us.


Author: Ian Fletcher

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